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NLP Master Practitioner NLP Modelling

Modelling is the foundation skill of NLP

The modelling state for unconscious uptake

Transfer patterns of excellence through a personal modelling project

Set filters for efficient and safe uptake of patterning

Code patterns of excellence for teaching to others Advanced Linguistic Models

Updated sleight of mouth patterns for masterful linguistic reframing

Linguistic re-sourcing to activate resources purely linguistically

Temporal language to layer change

Logical levels for maximising leverage

The ‘Beyond Words Model’ for linguistic interventions

The language of meta programmes to work with filters Unconscious sorting

Values/criteria and how they influence everything we do

Values intervention – elicitation and creating interventions at a values level for powerful change

Pattern detection and meta programs – calibrating and utilising deep rooted patterns that people are unaware they have


follow url TimeLine Re-Patterning

Working with spatial and visual TimeLines

Working with the metaphors presented by clients in their personal history

Re-imprinting process – for helping the client to move on from deep rooted issues

Utilising the unconscious mind for tracking and working with past orientated representations NLP for working with physical issues

Helping people with pain

NLP for assisting with healing through activation of unconscious resources

Processes for working with allergies and food intolerances


singelfest trondheim NLP for presentations

How to use NLP to engage an audience with confidence

Peak states for presenters

The eight step ‘presenting presence’ model for designing and delivering presentations.


source site High Performance States

Updating the Classic Code of NLP

The ingredients for designing your own change procedures

Changing at a deep unconscious levels

New Code Games


see url The Breakthrough Sessions and Coaching models

A coaching model for working with a client on a ‘life chunk’ e.g. career, business, Health etc

Taking a personal inventory from a client and understanding the leverage points for change

How to create a major life change in four hours

How to create follow up sessions and a maintenance schedule so the changes are long lasting


The training will be led by Andy Greene who has ensured you will receive a rounded view of NLP through study with Tad James, Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. He will be running further training courses this year with 2 NLP practitioner courses courses in Lincoln in May and Coventry in October.

Current Courses

Current Courses

Current Courses

Current Courses

  • NLP Practitioner Course
      NLP Practitioners Certification Just £150 Only available to those who completed the...