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NLP Practitioner Course

NLP Practitioner Course


NLP Practitioners Certification Just £150

Only available to those who completed the 5 day coaching and mentoring course


What will I get out of the course?

1. The ability to make a real difference in the life of others.

2. The ability to make a real difference to your environment in every area of your life.

3. Increased prospects of promotion, employment and job satisfaction.

4. Become a certified NLP Practitioner

What will I be capable of after the course?

  • Achieve great rapport
  • Choose your state in any circumstance.
  • Maximize your level of motivation and that of those around you.
  • Set and achieve well-formed outcomes.
  • Communicate effectively at a conscious and unconscious level.
  • Greater choice in every area of your life.
  • Better communication in every relationship.
  • Significant and life changing personal development.

Who will run the course?

Andy Greene is an experienced,  fully qualified ITA and certified ANLP Trainer, so you are in safe hands.

Who will benefit from NLP and Coaching/Mentoring?

The answer is easy – everyone,  especially you, but also all those you come into contact with.

Managers – Invaluable in team building and effective management

Employees – Effective staff development leads to better productivity and lower staff turnover

Small Business – better goal setting and more successful outcomes

HR Professionals – better motivation and communication leading to better results

Senior Managers – powerful aid in negotiation, planning and procurement

Trainers – training at the conscious and unconscious levels with more effective matching to learning and communication styles

Coaches – use the principals to create more effective and longer lasting change

Therapists / Counsellors – can greatly enhance your ability to achieve desired outcomes and change

Politicians – communicate and negotiate elegantly and powerfully

Sales and Marketing – gain rapport quickly and communicate at a deeper level.

Parents – Understand what your children are really saying and communicate fully with them.

Doctors – greater rapport and improved communication leading better doctor patient relationship and more effective treatment.

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What you will learn:

How to create change in yourself and others

  • Discover and understand the mind body connection
  • Learn the importance of being at cause
  • Learn to set well formed and achievable goals for yourself and others

How to Coach and Mentor others

  • How to set up sessions
  • How to ensure great results
  • How to assess progress
  • Setting good boundries

How to create deep rapport

  • Learn the key indicators of rapport using sensory acuity
  • How to get into instant rapport by matching and mirroring physiology
  • How to get into rapport using language
  • How to get into rapport using your voice and auditory skills – so important on the telephone
  • How to pace and lead


  •  Learn a variety of reframes that will allow you to handle objections and statements effectively and effortlessly
  • Learn how to offer people a whole new perspective in seconds

Master language and communication

  •  Learn how to effectively communicate consciously and unconsciously to anyone through the effective use of language
  • Learn how to use the ambiguity of the Milton Model or get specific in your language and questioning skills with the Meta Model
  • Discover how to use metaphors to communicate at the unconscious level

Increase your sensory acuity

  •  Understanding how to develop your sensory acuity so you see what’s really going on in others

Understand internal representational systems and submodalities

  •  How the world is represented inside the mind
  • Understanding Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic representational systems
  • Learn how to use and match language predicates to increase the effectiveness of your communication
  • How to use submodalities to change your behaviour, habit or state by changing your internal representation, includes swish patterns

Discover anchoring

  •  Learn the vital keys to anchoring
  • How to build personal resource anchors to change your state at any time
  • How to collapse anchors to rid ourselves of un-resourceful states or emotions.


 Understand strategies for self and others

  •  Find out how we use strategies and how we can change them to be more useful and effective
  • Understand eye patterns and how to use them to discover how a person thinks and to elicit strategies

How to resolve internal conflict

  •  Learn parts integration to eliminate internal conflict
  • Create greater alignment in your life


How to utilize time consciousness: 

  •  How to use the past to positively effect your future
  • How to free people from unwanted negative emotions
  • How to change limiting decisions of the past
  • How to select your future


Why choose Inspired2Be for your Certified Practitioners training

  1.  You will receive excellent training from highly qualified and experienced trainers.
  2. You will have the opportunity to gain 2 nationally recognised qualifications.
  3. You will benefit from a great mix of classic NLP and being introduced to techniques inspired by the very latest innovations in NLP.
  4. You get great value for money and a comprehensive, intensive nine day training course with full practitioner certification available.
  5. You will receive a comprehensive training manual to allow you to refine your skills and knowledge following the course.
  6. You will continue to receive on-going support from our trained staff after the course finishes.
  7. All trainers are certified by the International Trainers Association (ITA) founded by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll (ITA).
  8. All training will comply with and exceed the requirements laid down by the ITA for certification.

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  NLP certification – is carried out during the course on 3 extended days.  In the unlikely event of you needing a little more practice before certification you will be offered opportunity to do so free of charge at a mutually suitable time.

The training will be led by Andy Greene who has ensured you will receive a rounded view of NLP through study with Tad James, Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair.

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Current Courses

Current Courses

Current Courses

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