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What is NLP 1

Neuro Linguistic Programming – to give it its full very catchy title (thanks Richard and John) was developed in the 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder with as the song goes ‘a little help from their friends’.

NLP has many aspects, here are just 4:

  1. It is a system of modelling that allows you to model anyone else and reproduce what they do.  By observation, assimilation and breaking down what they do into a ‘code’ you can do what they do.  The final stage or test is to teach this to someone who has not seen the original and see if they can also reproduce the model.On my Master Practitioner course I decided to really test this out so I decided to model 2 excellent dancers and attempt to do the waltz!  As my wife of over 30 years would testify, me and dance do not mix well so this was a real test.  I watched I digested, I coded, I demonstrated and watched in amazement as a group of people very quickly started imitating the dancers I had watched.
  2. We all have things that remind us of old memories.  It may be a colour or picture, a smell, a sound or even a taste – whatever it is when we get that stimulus we also get back all the old feelings and sensations associated with it.  Just try that, think of your favourite piece of music or maybe a particular smell or taste and see how you feel and what images spring to mind.  In NLP we call these anchors.  Once you understand how anchors work and how to make them you can change the way you feel in a moment.
  3. NLP also allows us to discover the way that we code all of our experiences and how we view and feel about those experiences when we recall them.  We call the elements that make up this code submodalities and these open up a whole world of possibilities because if we know the code, we can then choose to code things the way we want to.For instance, if I know how I code feeling confident and relaxed, then next time I am in  a situation where I want to feel confident and relaxed I can utilize my code and have a choice of how I want to feel.
  4. The core of how we act and feel is determined to a large part by language, verbal and non-verbal.  NLP really lets you look deeply into language and understand what people are saying beneath what they are saying even when they don’t consciously know themselves.  Once you start to gain this deeper understanding you can very quickly become a master communicator and communicate incredibly powerful whenever and with whoever you choose to.

Because NLP works mainly at the unconscious level the changes that can be made in your life and those you work with can be dramatic and long lasting.

If you want a life changing experience why not become an NLP practitioner?  I will be running 2 courses in UK this year,  Lincoln 12-20 May and in Coventry 13-21 October.

Bye for now – more to follow.

Andy Greene

Master Practitioner and certified trainer of NLP

Current Courses

Current Courses

Current Courses

Current Courses

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