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Coaching Excellence

Taking the next step to becoming an even better coach/mentor (must complete Coaching4 Success first)


Utilizing great linguistics brings effective, rapid change for the client and empowers them to move forward and achieve far more than they ever thought possible


There are few more satisfying feelings than helping another person to become strong and independent, filled with renewed self-confidence and purpose.


Over the 2 days you will explore


Logical levels of conversation

Representational systems and predicate language systems

Perceptual positions

Situational Leadership

Swot / Johari window

Double loop learning / Transformational learning

Milton Language

Value systems


Meta Programmes

Anchoring techniques



When you have completed the 2 Coaching courses you will be offered the opportunity to achieve an ILM level 3 award in Coaching.


To book courses for your location or for more information contact your Learning centre or for more information, Andy Greene at Inspired2Be

01522 501886 or

Current Courses

Current Courses

Current Courses

Current Courses

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