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Course Content

Course Content


  • Or as John Grinder calls it ‘the mother of all skills’.  With accurate calibration you are able to operate continually at the very highest level and assist your clients to exceptional results.
  • It is the ability to distinguish between conscious and unconscious signals in non-verbal communication.


  • Using mirroring – Visual, auditory
  • An ability to get on with just about anyone you choose to.

Representational systems

You will lean how to detect and utilize an individuals preferred representational system through:

Eye movements

  • Predicates
  • Voice quality

Having identified the system you will practice modifying your communication to that of the client both verbal and non-verbal.

 Eye Patterns and Strategies

  • Recognising eye patterns and eliciting strategies.
  • Utilizing strategies.
  • Modifying strategies.


  • Everything we do we code using submodalities so once we know what our coding is we can use this to change our world.
  • You will learn how to elicit submodalities and then a number of techniques for using them to benefit yourself and clients.

 Language patterns

  • How to use language to achieve the level and specificity you want.
  • Framing and reframing

Discovering what people are really saying 

  • Finding the intention which may be hidden
  • Understanding from conversation where people may be experiencing inner conflict or confusion.
  • Helping people to understand what they are thinking underneath their masks.
  • Logical levels and logical types


  • How to create and use metaphors
  • The effectiveness of metaphor at an unconscious level.
  • Using natural metaphor.
  • Living metaphors.

Anchoring techniques 

  • How to install anchors in all 3 major input channels (V A K, and also spatially)
  • The use of anchoring in change formats
  • Using anchors to change personal history/re-imprinting
  • Collapse of anchors
  • Circle of excellence (spatial anchoring)

Multiple perceptual positions

  • Understanding 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions.
  • Helping people achieve far deeper understanding of situations..

 Chain of Excellence

  • Discover how you can alter your breathing, physiology, State and performance and how you can help others to do the same.


  • How do we know what we know.
  • Once we know ‘how we know what we know’ we can understand far better how to use leverage points for more effective interventions.

Simple hypnotic patterning 

  • How to use Milton language and hypnotic patterns to induce altered states.

Involuntary signal systems 

  • Recognising involuntary signals.
  • Assisting others to develop signals.
  • Using naturally occurring involuntary systems
  • Utilizing involuntary unconscious signals using various signals.

Parts Interventions

  • Discovering what parts are.
  • Learning to operate with parts to reduce inner conflict and or confusion.
  • Facilitating negotiation between parts
  • Assisting with parts integration or agreement.

Time Line Techniques 

  • Discover the power of time line utilization
  • Learn how to use time line to achieve highly effective results for you and your client.
  • Learn hoe to combine other techniques for use on the time line.

 High Performance States

  • You will be introduced to a number of techniques for achieving a high performance state.
  • You will discover just how easy it is to have a high performance state wherever you are and in any circumstance.










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